For The Love Of Software

BRITEBOARD - For The Love Of Software - First Feature Live!

by Jeremy Chone, Feb 17th

I love software. I love using great software. I love building great software.

It has been my passion, hobby, and career for over 20 years. It first started with 10 years in big companies, such as Netscape, Oracle, and Adobe, followed by the second 10 years as Founder and Principal Architect of our “big app, small team” cloud development shop, BriteSnow, where we built many cloud applications in the advertising, IoT, and medical spaces for our select clients.

For the third act of my software journey, I am pleased to introduce BRITEBOARD’s very first feature, Issue Boards, the first of many features aimed at making software development processes more outcome-centric by adding velocity to agility.

While this last bit might seem nebulous at best, there is a thought-out vision behind it. Rather than going into a long story telling mode, to follow the “show don’t tell” mantra, here is the first piece of the first chapter: the Issue Boards feature.

The premises of the feature are as follows:

However... while great for bottom-up, the top-down is still missing, and this is where BRITEBOARD Issue Boards come in.

As you can see in this video:

And best of all, it’s free, without data lock-in, as all actions you do on tickets are synced with GitHub. In other words, what you do today on BRITEBOARD Issue Boards will still be there tomorrow on GitHub, regardless of if you are still using BRITEBOARD… pure value, no lock-in!

If you are a developer, project manager, or product manager/owner, give it a try. If you know any, feel free to send them the link. We want to make this product user-driven, so the more feedback, the better.

Try BRITEBOARD, and tell us what you think.
This is just the beginning...